Rugby Betting

Rugby is one of the most popular games of choice for online sports betting fans because it presents some immensely lucrative betting opportunities. Over the past couple of years, this thrilling sport has been continually gaining popularity as more fans get to recognize its potential. If you’ve been wondering where you can learn how to bet on rugby, you’ll be happy to know that your uncertainty ends today. But first, let’s start from the cradle of the game.

The origin of rugby dates back to 1832 when a 16-year-old student William Webb Ellis picked the ball in a football match and decided to run with it towards goal. Believe it or not, a lot of fans of the sport and sports historians agree that Webb Ellis’ story uncovers the roots of rugby and credits him as the pioneer of the trendy sport.

However, it wasn’t until 1845 when rugby received its first set of rules. Then roughly 25 years later, in 1871, Blackheath Football Club made history as the first team to change to rugby from the Football Association. This act led to the establishment of the Rugby Football Union. 

Today, rugby has gained massive popularity with millions of fans worldwide, particularly in its motherland England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and even in Kenya. Besides, its popularity is also on the rise in the United States, whose national 7s and 15s teams are already becoming forces to be reckoned with. 

So, if you’d like to bet on rugby, whether it’s rugby league (13 players), rugby union (15 players) or rugby sevens (7 players), you should go through this exclusive sports betting rugby guide to sharpen your understanding of betting on this sport. 

Types of Rugby Betting

Most bettors, especially rookies, normally find themselves lost once they realize that England rugby betting comes in two different types: Rugby League and Rugby Union betting. Well, both are variants of rugby sports betting, but they have some differences that you must know before placing any bets. In general, the main difference comes in the aftermath of a tackle. Additionally, there is also a range of other differences that lie in the terminology, but all in all, they aren’t too far apart. Here are the basics of both league and union.

Rugby Union Betting

Rugby Union betting comprises the major rugby tournaments, including events such as the Rugby World Cup, Rugby Championships and the Six Nations Championship. Generally, Rugby Union will offer a richer variety of betting options and matches. Its matches last 80 minutes, two halves of 40 minutes each, with a squad of 15 players for each team in a fifteen-a-side match, whereas a Sevens (seven-a-side) match lasts for 14 minutes, with each half lasting 7 minutes and it is played by 7 players for each team.  

To win, teams must outscore the opponent. Points can be earned through the following methods: 2 points for any conversions, 3 points for drop goals, 3 points for penalty kicks and 5 points for tries.

Rugby League Betting

Like in Rugby Union, a Rugby League match tournament, like the Challenge Cup and Superleague, lasts 80 minutes. The teams in this code comprise 13 players, and the winning condition remains the same - teams must outscore their opponents. Nevertheless, teams are rewarded points differently as they get: 2 points for any conversions, 1 point for drop goals, 2 points for penalty kicks and 4 points for tries.

Types of Rugby Betting Odds 

Like soccer, American football and other ball games, there are three popular types of rugby betting odds: decimal, fractional and American odds. Here is the breakdown of the three Rugby League and Rugby Union betting odds:

Decimal Odds

These are the most straightforward rugby odds. For most bettors, decimal odds make absolute sense since they are directly proportionate to the amount of money you stake. If you bet $200 on New Zealand to win a match versus Australia at odds 2.50, you’ll win a total of $500 if New Zealand wins ($500 = $200 x 2.50). 

Fractional Odds

These are like decimal odds arithmetically, but they come in the form of fractions. To calculate your bet winnings on fractional odds, multiply your bet amount by the numerator, then divide by the denominator. Thus, a $20 bet on 6/2 odds would give you $60 if you correctly predicted the game’s outcome; i.e., ($20 x 6) ÷2 = $60.

American Odds

American odds are also known as Moneyline odds, and they represent prematch odds displayed as positive or negative numbers. A positive number shows how much you would win with a $100 wager, while a negative number shows the price you have to pay to win $100 for a correct prediction.

So, if, for instance, New Zealand has +150 odds, a $100 wager on them winning would return you winnings worth $150, plus the initial $100. If they had -150 odds, you would have to wager $150 to win $100 plus the initial $150 stake.

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