Handball Betting

Handball isn’t as popular as sports like football, rugby, basketball, golf or tennis, but it still enjoys substantial fellowship on an international scale thanks to its intense nature. Generally, it is a fast-paced sport that bears some resemblance to basketball. The sport was invented by Nicolaj Ernst back in 1897, in Denmark, where the very first handball match was also played. Today, the game has gained massive popularity throughout countries such as France, Germany, Romania, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Norway, plus numerous other European nations.

Initially, handball was played as an outdoor sporting event, but its playing field was later relocated to the indoor stadiums. However, some outdoor variants still exist. The game is played by two teams of seven players on each side and comes with a thrilling, high-octane action that makes it an enjoyable sport to bet on.

Just like other sports, handball betting in sportsbooks is dominated by major events, including the Olympics, the EHF European League, the European League, the European Championship, the World Handball Championship and World Women’s Championship.

The Summer Olympics, World Women’s Championship, World Handball Championship and European Championship will have national teams competing against one another. On the other hand, the EHF European League, as well as the EHF European League, are much like the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League in soccer, where top clubs around Europe face off against each other.

If you’ve been looking for the best place to bet on handball, then the hunt is over. We’ll take you through all the popular types of bets, accompanied by tried and tested handball betting strategies that you can use the next time you’re in a VulkanBet sportsbook.

Common Types of Bets in Handball Betting

As long as you place wagers in the VukanBet online sportsbook, you’ll enjoy lucrative handball betting odds that will line your pockets generously for every correct prediction you make. Here’s a highlight of the most popular types of wagers you can place.

Match Winner (Moneyline) Bets

If you’re looking for one of the most straightforward bets to make on handball, then you should pick match winner bets. Here, all you have to do is predict the winner of the match. It’s one of the simplest bets.

Totals (Over/Under) Goals

Totals betting is another simple way to bet on handball online, where you just need to choose whether the total number of goals scored in a given game will be greater or less than the total value set by the sports betting site.

Spread Bets

Like numerous other sports, such as football, basketball and tennis, you can also wager the spread on handball. For every matchup, the bookmaker will assign the spread in support of one team by a given number of goals. To make such a bet, you’ll have to choose the team that you feel will cover the spread.


As the name suggests, futures are bets made on an event that will happen in the future. For instance, you might predict the winner of the World Handball Championship even before the season starts.

Proposition (Prop) Bets

Prop betting alludes to unique selections that have nothing to do with the overall outcome of the game, thus let you enjoy every sort of action. For instance, a prop bet could allow you to predict the first goalscorer in a match, the number of saves the goalkeeper will make, or you can also bet on the number of goals a given player will score in a game. 

Parlay Bets

A parlay is a single wager that involves several bets (at least two) combined into one bet. This can consist of spreads, match-winner bets, futures, props, or overs/unders provided the wagers are made on different games.

Why You Should Bet on Handball at VulkanBet

Now that you know the most popular types of handball bets, we want you to know the various benefits that come with using VulkanBet online bookmaker for betting on handball. Here are some of the biggest advantages:

  • Betting with VulkanBet is simple and convenient

Betting on handball online with VulkanBet is simple, you can enjoy making predictions from any location and on any device. Whether you prefer using a desktop PC or mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet, all the devices are supported by the bookmaker.

  • Wide coverage of Handball events

The VulkanBet website offers numerous betting opportunities across its broad market coverage for a wide variety of local and international leagues from different regions. Our platform is the best chance you have to make money from both popular and less popular handball events.

  • Competitive odds and prices

Another massive benefit you get to enjoy at VulkanBet is the high handball odds, which translates to higher payouts for correct predictions. Both pre-match odds and live odds on our sportsbook will offer you above average returns when compared to what you may get elsewhere.

  • Handball Live Betting

If you enjoy watching handball games, then you’ll surely enjoy the handball live betting at VulkanBet. Making a handball live bet on the bookie is as simple as navigating to the ‘LIVE’ section, where you can then pick one of the matches that are taking place in real-time, select the market and make your prediction as the match goes on.

  • 100% Payout on all bets

With VulkanBet online bookie, whether you place a bet using real money or bonus cash from the promotions on offer, you’re sure of getting a payout as long as all your predictions come true.

How to Place Wagers at VulkanBet

The process is, actually, quite straightforward:

  • Sign up with us by filling out the registration form. For this, you need to enter your working email, create a strong password, choose a preferred currency and agree to our T&Cs and Privacy Policy. You can also sign up through your social network account.
  • After you are done with the registration process, log in and choose the handball league you want to bet on.
  • Then, make a deposit you are comfortable with (at least $10) and decide on the type of bet.
  • There are no special handball betting tips, but we still advise you to learn everything about the team/player you want to bet on - forewarned is forearmed.
  • Once you feel confident with your choice, place a bet. That’s it!

Handball betting is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a game that involves fast-paced action along with more goals than sports like football can offer. With our simple guide, you can kick start your gambling adventure right now at VulkanBet, one of the most player-friendly online sportsbooks available today. Best of luck with your predictions!

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