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French Roulette Classic Online by Evoplay Entertainment

Are you a fan of roulette? Here’s our ultimate guide on how to play the free French Roulette Classic by Evoplay Entertainment. It’s a new game that was released to refresh the entire experience of playing online roulette while still maintaining the standard attractive aspects that make roulette one of the most popular types of table games.

General Overview

According to history, the roulette game was first invented in France during the 17th century, and the creation of the modern wheel is accredited to Blaise Pascal, a scientist from France. It was up until 1842 when the first zero (0) was added to the wheel. And it is this addition that provided the casino with a house edge for the first time. For that reason, in some way, when it comes to roulette games, the French variant is usually considered the oldest.

The game gained popularity worldwide, and casinos in the United States included one more zero to the wheel to boost up this house edge even further. Even now, the modern French roulette has a single zero, while the American variant has two zeroes. 

How to Play Roulette

Before we go to how you can play online French Roulette Classic from Evoplay Entertainment, let’s first take a quick look at the two other popular roulette variants, European and American. 

European Roulette

Of all the three variants, the European one is the most popular, thanks to its low house edge of 2.3%, which in turn gives it a Return to Player (RTP) coefficient of over 97%. The European roulette wheel has 37 numbers (0 to 36), making it easier to win than the American one.

American Roulette

Also popular amongst gamblers, American roulette contains 38 numbers to bet on. Like in the European version, these numbers are from 0 to 36, but there's an extra zero (00), giving American roulette a house edge of about 5.26% and, consequently, a 94.74% payout rate.

French Roulette Classic by Evoplay Entertainment

The standard French roulette game is almost similar to the European version, but with some exemptions. Like the European one, its wheel contains 37 numbers, plus the wagering selections and the odds are also similar. However, French roulette features the en prison and la partage rules, which are meant to offer you extra winning chances.

With the la partage option, you can get back half of your bet just in case you lose the outside bet. And it's only possible when the ball lands on Zero. On the other hand, en prison offers you another chance to get your money back. 

Just like in la partage, this is possible in the event of losing the outside bet and can only happen when the ball lands in the Zero pocket. But then, this outcome comes with a twist, you are allowed to 'lock' your bet in the subsequent spin, meaning that your bet remains the same when the wheel is set in motion once again. If the bet wins, you receive your cash. If not, you lose it all.

Interesting Features of French Roulette Classic

Evoplay Entertainment rolled out its new French Roulette Classic online casino game in June 2020, and it has been a hit ever since it was released. This new classic game variant has a wealth of bet combinations, lifelike graphics that immerse you deeper into the gameplay, and the soft colors inject a warm atmosphere that sharpens your focus as you keep your eye on the ball. 

When you play French Roulette Classic for real money, you'll get every information you require about the game, including a quick history panel on the main screen, which displays all the latest results in your recent gambling sessions.

Play French Roulette Classic at VulkanBet Online

You can start enjoying French Roulette Classic for real money at VulkanBet, one of the highest-rated online casino platforms today. And if you don’t feel like spending money, VulkanBet Casino will allow you to play Evoplay Entertainment’s French Roulette Classic for free. On top of the latest no download games, VulkanBet online casino also offers a host of money-spinning bonuses for both new and long-term members of the platform. 

The French Roulette Classic online game offers gamblers the most exciting way possible to play a classic table game. If you are a fan of playing online roulette, then this will be one of your best experiences with the game. Create your account at VulkanBet Casino today and try your luck at hitting your numbers on the wheel. Happy gaming and Good Luck!