Futsal betting

Futsal (mini-football) is one of the varieties of soccer, actively developing since the 70s of the 20th century. This game is played on a pitch up to 42 meters long and 20 meters wide. The match consists of 2 halves of 20 minutes each. In it two teams with field players and a goalkeeper face each other. As in normal soccer, in futsal you need to score a goal against the enemy without using your hands to win.

The popularity of futsal is wide: it is played in the CIS countries, Europe, USA and Africa. Futsal is played every year in different championships: the Libertadores Cup, UEFA Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, European Youth Championship.

Stakes on futsal online are accepted by all major bookmakers, including VulkanBet. Doing them, you can use the same principles of match analysis and game strategies as in ordinary soccer betting.

Peculiarities of playing futsal


The rules of futsal are the same as in soccer. The main features of the game include:

  • no offside;
  • use of a small ball
  • the ability to make an unlimited number of substitutions during the match.

As a result of a limited number of teammates, each player controls the actions of one opponent, and can participate in both defense and offense. Just like in other sports, the motivation of the players is very important in indoor soccer. If a club doesn't need to win, it will save its strength to prove itself in a more important match.

The disadvantage of mini-soccer is that it is difficult to find predictions on the Internet. In addition, this game is inferior in popularity to regular soccer. Because of this, the amounts of bets on individual matches are not very large. As a consequence, changing odds is not always correct because of the bets of active fans of certain teams.

Views of mini-football betting


In betting VulkanBet the following futsal bets are accepted:

  • On the result of the match. There are three variants: victory of one of two teams or draw.
  • Double outcome. Gamers can bet on a win for one side or a win for a certain national team and a draw at the same time.
  • Total. Total is the number of goals scored. Bet on the total or individual totals.
  • Halves. Instead of betting on the match, you can bet on individual halves (first or second).

Another common option is handicap betting. It refers to an allowable lag or advantage of one of the sides. The numerical values of handicaps can be nil as well as +1 or -1 for one of the teams.

How to Bet on Futsal


Analyzing futsal matches, study the position of the teams in the standings, take into consideration their last losses and wins. A lot depends on the goalkeeper in futsal. He not only kicks the ball away, but also directs the defense. The value of regular players in futsal is also higher than in Major League Soccer.

Betting on futsal at the bookmaker's office Vulkan Bet can be done by creating an account. They are accepted in the corresponding section of the site. Deposit and withdraw prizes offered to customers using a bank card (MasterCard, Visa) or an e-wallet (WebMoney, Qiwi). The portal guarantees its clients that there will be no delays in payments.

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